Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition envisions a world without deaths caused by prostate cancer in Georgia.

We are survivors or family members of survivors, and our mission is to
build awareness, provide education, and offer free prostate cancer screening for men in Georgia.

It starts with awareness

Early prostate cancer has no warning signs. Regular testing, beginning as early as age 35 for some men, is the best way to detect prostate cancer in its beginning stages, when you have the greatest opportunities for successful treatment and maintained quality of life.

Over the past few years, Georgia has seen modest improvements in prostate cancer mortality rates, and simultaneously, an increase in the number of new cases reported. GPCC believes these are related: the more men who get tested and identify prostate cancer in its earliest stages, the more men who have the opportunity to successfully recover.

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Your Donation Helps Make It a Reality

GPCC is dedicated to providing resources and information about prostate cancer and treatment options. Most of all, we are committed to providing access to free testing to men in Georgia, because it is the single most effective way to improve men’s chances of successful recovery.

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