I served our country for 25 years in the United States Army as a Criminal Investigator. I retired as a Major, and I continue to serve our community by encouraging men to get checked for prostate cancer.

Community service was a natural and welcome transition for me.  I served six tours overseas fighting for America’s freedom in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kuwait and the Balkans during combat and peace keeping missions. After retiring, I faced an even more personal battle when I received a prostate cancer diagnosis. When the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital called me on a Friday afternoon and told me that I had prostate cancer, I felt helpless and alone. That was a rough weekend.

My battle for my very life touched me spiritually in a very deep way and elevated my trust in God. It even inspired me to write about my life as a warrior both on the battlefield and in life. In my book, American Hero, A Soldier’s Story from Combat to Cancer, I describe my experiences life growing up, my military career, and my battle with cancer. More importantly, I reveal how I was able to survive both military and health conflicts while maintaining peace and equanimity.  You can read the book to gain an appreciation of combating the demons of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and later prostate cancer.

Another objective of my book is to model leadership behavior both in service to our country and community. I have been fortunate to have many experiences.  At various times, I have been a soldier, an author, a mentor, an entrepreneur, a civic participant, a cancer survivor, and a man of God. Instead of allowing life’s changes to cripple me, I chose to center my legacy on being a winner whose faith in God conquered the insurmountable. Instead of becoming bitter, I embraced my inner strengths. I humbly hope that my experiences provide other people a roadmap to pursue internal peace. Furthermore, American Hero, A Soldier’s Story from Combat to Cancer provides encouragement to others who are experiencing trials and tribulations, and it reminds them that they, too, are champions.

American Hero, A Soldier’s Story from Combat to Cancer, had its debut release on Amazon.com in September 2015.  I also serve as the Host of The Peace Within Talk Radio Show, powered by NHISG Network 101.1.  To learn even more about my experiences, visit online at www.henryhwashington3.com.