What we do

Through speaking engagements, health fairs, and our monthly newsletter, we promote awareness of prostate cancer in Georgia and the importance of regular screening as part of the early detection process. We also partner with hospitals, clinics, and urologists who offer free screening events during the year especially for the uninsured.

To increase awareness throughout Georgia, the GPCC campaigned for a Prostate Cancer Awareness license plate, which the State of Georgia approved and issued. Each car having one acts as a mobile reminder to men to track their prostate health. More importantly, the state contributes a portion of the fee for each Georgia Prostate Cancer license plate to GPCC to support Prostate Cancer screening initiatives.

All  funds donated to or raised by GPCC go toward prostate cancer awareness education and free prostate screening events. We also support free prostate cancer screening events in the state of Georgia.

Our Vision, Mission, and Objective


Our vision is to eliminate deaths due to prostate cancer in Georgia.


To build Prostate Cancer awareness, provide education, offer free responsible screenings for men in Georgia, and support both Prostate Cancer research and advocacy.


For all men to get a baseline PSA test and DRE at age 40 (age 35 for African-American men, or men having a history of cancer in their family) and consult with their doctor on the frequency of further tests.

We partner with hospitals, clinics and urologist and offer free screening events during the year especially for the unemployed and uninsured. Check our calendar or the Screenings page for details. In the meantime, here are things you can do. Click here for details.

Our policy of inclusiveness

Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition is all-inclusive in its membership, educational programs and activities.  GPCC prohibits discrimination based on race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference.  Furthermore, the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition also affirms its commitment to providing equal opportunities and equal access to activities.

Who we are

Board of Directors

Dwight Thomas – President
Rudy Morgan – Acting Executive Director / Vice President
Chatman Carruthers – Treasurer
Moses Hardie – Secretary
Bill Beaudin
Chatman Carruthers
Moses Hardie
Cleveland Ewing, Jr.
Alan Granath
Clarence Luckett, Jr.

Click here to view an overview presentation of GPCC.

If you want to join our efforts to increase awareness about prostate cancer in Georgia and preventing deaths caused by it, please consider becoming a member of GPCC.

Membership is free, and our organization depends on the involvement of people like you.

Become a Volunteer

Formed in 2000, we are survivors, family members of survivors, or family members of prostate cancer fatalities. We are passionate about eliminating deaths from prostate cancer in Georgia. Prostate cancer attacked us, but we fought back by going to the doctor. We got screened. We learned about our PSA score, and kept up with it over time. When we learned that we had cancer, we won because we found it early. We are alive today due to early detection and timely action. We all feel fortunate to have a high quality of life after treatment and want others to have it.


Community: The Coalition will build awareness, provide education, and offer free Prostate Cancer Screening to reduce deaths from Prostate Cancer to all communities in the State of Georgia.

Integrity: The Coalition will always strive to provide honest and accurate facts to the public as it relates to the most up to date information on Prostate Cancer and will not endorse a specific procedure, Physician, Georgia’s Medical Centers and Hospitals, or Pharmaceutical Companies.

Respect: The Coalition will respect the privacy of all who seek information regarding treatment options on Prostate Cancer, as well as any Protected Health Information it may have in the course of normal business unless specifically authorized.

Empowering: The Coalition seeks to inspire men and their families to take the necessary steps to assure annual screening at the appropriate age.

Partnership: The Coalition will seek to collaborate with various Partners within our communities who share our Vision and Mission as it relates to early detection, education, and support for men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

Teamwork: The Coalition will team with medical professionals, private industry, and State and Federal Government to have a consistent message about Prostate Cancer.

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