Help Support Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition (GPCC)

Your contributions go to the group’s awareness activities and funding free screenings for Georgia men who may be uninsured or unemployed. There is a range of donation opportunities available. They include direct donation (where you specifically select GPCC); indirect donation (certain goods or services that you pay for elsewhere that result in donations to GPCC); and finally limited charitable contributions to GPCC from certain purchases you make with other vendors.

Direct Beneficiary Options – charitable giving directed by individuals

Financial contribution: By providing direct contributions, you are allowing Georgia men and their families to become aware of prostate cancer and for men to be tested. For more info click on the Donate button.
For Georgia residents, getting a license plate tag is something that you have to do each year anyway. When you renew, sign up for the GPCC license plate and a portion of your fee comes back to GPCC to further our awareness and screening efforts. More info.

Indirect Donation Options – support service providers that have allied with GPCC and who share a portion of their proceeds with GPCC.


Vendor Provider Contributionsshop with these vendors and they direct a portion of customer sales transactions to GPCC.

Kroger – Sign up for their program and Kroger takes care of the rest. Click here for details.

Amazon – sign up for their program and Amazon provides a contribution on select purchases that you make. Click here for details.